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Club Guidance

This page gives the club secretaries some guidance on what to do for each match and on game days.


This information can also be found in the Wessex handbook and within league info under the regulations dropdown.

If you are the home side you are to confirm with the away team and both officials 1 week before the game and it is wise to include the following information:

  • Venue
  • Time (Tip off and duration of court availability)
  • Colours (If there is a clash, home team should change)

Rules 4a to 4d cover postponements or re-arrangement of fixtures.  All fixture changes should be conducted through the fixtures manager stating the reason for the change and include the opposition so that a rescheduled date can be arranged.  

All personnel (referees, coach, table officials and players) involved in a basketball match must be registered and have a valid registration number.  This rule is important for the legal protection of participants.


Teams are to provide the scorer with a list of players and licence numbers so that the scoresheet can be filled out correctly. 

the match number can be obtained from fixtures live (go to competitions, click on your team name to bring up the fixtures, go to the relevant fixture and hover over the yellow file box at the end of the fixture and the match number will be revealed)  The video below should help.

Please ensure that officials are paid before the start of the match. It is the home teams responsibility to pay the referees prior to the start of the game and collect half the combined fee from the opponents.


At the conclusion of the game.  The result can be entered by either team by using the fixtures live email service.  This will only work if your team has a club captain entered on fixtures live. 

The home team is responsible for either:

  • Sending the organisers white copy of the scoresheet to the appropriate League/Cup Manager within 7 days of the fixture (date as postmarked).

  • or

  • alternately emailing a good quality coloured scan or picture to the appropriate League/Cup manager within 7 days of the fixture.  The scan/picture must be of the completed scoresheet (and reverse side if annotations have been added by the officials) The filename of the scan/picture must contain the fixture number

When a scan is submitted, the original white copy must be retained by the home team (until after the seasons AGM) and submitted to the League Manager if requested.

Scoresheets not received by the appropriate League Manager within 7 days may incure a club fine.


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