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Wessex Basketball Contacts List

Unfortunately, spammers and hackers have developed programs that trawl through websites collecting email addresses that are then put on email spamming lists. For this reason, we have tried to ensure that the following email addresses can only be read by the human eye - they have been put into a table so that the code is separated. To use any of these email addresses simply put the prefix together with the domain name so that it reads as one continuous email address.

Appointment Role First part of email Domain
Registrar BE registrations and insurance queriesRegistrar@
Association/League SecretaryGeneral enquiries and AdmininstrationAdmin@
Association ChairmanAppeals and Association mattersAreachair@
Competitions ManagerManages all Knockout competitionsCup@
Development OfficerDevelopment issues and coursesDevelopment@
Fixtures ManagerFixture issues postponed & rescheduled gamesFixtures@
Open Division ManagerOpen Leagues Competition ManagerOpenResults@
Ladies Division ManagerLadies League Competition ManagerLadiesResults@
League ChairmanLeague issues and Disciplinary issuesLeagueChair@
Officials ManagerReferee allocationsMatchOfficials@
Technical CommitteeRules queries, assessment of officialsTechSec@
WebmasterWebsite administration news and maintenanceWebman@

Wessex Basketball Association for men, ladies, women, juniors, boys, girls in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire.