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Basketball England Announce Dates for NBL Season Start

After a considerable period of analysis, influencing of government, detailed planning and ongoing communication with the sport Basketball England are now in a position and have announced provisional dates for the start of the NBL season for more detailed information please click the link here.  

Bracknell and Wokingham College Basketball Academy

Basketball is to be given a local boost to boys aged 16-19 with a new academy led by a former England Player Martin Amoo-Gottfried.  The Academy will be based at Bracknell and Wokingham College.  Students will be able to choose one or two year courses or even change courses after the first year.
For more information go to:

Bracknell and Wokingham College BasketBall Academy

Steve Lallament Award
Some good news, the Steve Lallament Trophy for services to officiating has been awarded to Tim Routledge for the 19-20 Season. Congratulations Tim!

Latest Basketball England Advice on returning to play for next season

Just in case you have not seen it please click on the link below to read the latest guidance from Basketball England on returning to play for the new season. I strongly recommend you log in to one of the live sessions they are publicising to explain all aspects and answer any questions you may have. The Committee is having a Zoom meeting next week to discuss this and the AGM.

Basketball England launch return to play guidance

Dear Wessex Members,

I sincerely hope that you and your families are keeping well and safe at this difficult time. I thought I would write to you all to let you know what is going on behind the scenes with regard to Wessex Basketball and where we go from here. I have been working a lot with the Board and my fellow Directors at Basketball England where we are discussing the many different scenarios for progressing to the eventual return to normality, whenever that may be! One thing is for sure and that is that no-one really knows how long it will be at the moment and it could be sometime before we do! So, where are we now:

1. We were the first to conclude our season and BE adopted a similar methodology close to ours. The trophies will be engraved for the League and Cup winners. No play offs will take place.

2. I will go ahead with planning for the AGM on the 16 July. If public gatherings are still not allowed I will send the AGM presentation to members for comments and/or questions. The account will be audited as normal and we remain healthy.

To that end in accordance with the Constitution could I have any proposals by the end of April please.

We currently have the following Committee posts that need to be filled next season, if you would like to apply, or know more about the post, please let me know:

    a. Area Chairman - I will be happy to work along side whoever comes forward for this role     for their first season if it helps.

    b. Secretary - Mary is happy to do likewise.

    c. Competitions Manager.

3. Next season - The Committee will spend the next few months looking at different scenarios for the season start. It could well be that we are unable to start in late September as we normally do. We have to ensure clubs are given enough notice to book venues etc and prepare for the new season. We will look at how we would structure the season if it starts in late September, November and January initially in some cases the number of games may have to be reduced. That is assuming we still want the same end date. Feedback from clubs will be requested at the AGM. Likewise promotion and relegation. Clubs will be asked for their views and it will be even more important next season for clubs to state which division they feel they should be in. The Committee will then come up with the best fit to make the leagues function.    

These are difficult unprecedented times which are affecting us all. We will have to be flexible to make things work but please rest assured that I, along with the Committee will do our absolute best for the future of Wessex Basketball.

Keep well and safe.
Best regards



Dear Wessex Members 

Following on from the announcement on 18th March that all Wessex Basketball was concluded for the season, the committee has been looking at what to do in regard of the unplayed fixtures. The committee felt that a lot of effort has gone into the season by all teams, and therefore it was only right that a conclusion to the season was considered in order to reward the investment (including financial) of players, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents, guardians in the various divisions.

Several possible scenarios were considered, including voiding the entire season, however, as I’m sure you can imagine, every potential scenario generates lots of ‘what if’ type questions. After a lot of discussion the Wessex Committee has decided that in order to conclude the season in the fairest way, all unplayed games will be declared void, and for each game 1 point will be awarded to each team.

This process has been applied to all Wessex divisions, and I can now confirm that the winners of each division are as follows:

Open Division 1: Team Swindon
Open Division 2: Windsor Warriors 1
Open Division 3: Reading Rockets
Women Division 1: Southampton Sharks Ladies
Women Division 2: Farnborough Phantoms Academy.

The above teams will all receive the League Trophy (to hold for one year) and individual medals for the players and coaches. These will be presented whenever it becomes practicable (hopefully if we are able to hold it, at our AGM in July).

Also, just to confirm that there will be no play-offs this year. This is significant because the play-off finals are the date by which all scoresheets have to be submitted to the respective Division Managers. Therefore, the end of the season for the purposes of Rule 6b, will be Sunday 12th April.

Thank you all for your patience during this unprecedented time.


    Wessex Basketball Association is affliated to Basketball England and therefore are adopting Basketball England's stand on the Corona Virus. As from 0900 Saturday 14 March 2020 all Wessex Basketball matches are postponed for two weeks.  Further information can be found by going to the BE website Corona Virus update.

Playoffs -  As we approach the business end of the season and with the playoffs looming please try and get all your games played as this will effect your final league place and may decide whether your season will continue with the playoffs.  A final date for fixtures will be given by the relevant league managers.  Playoffs are due to start as follows

Open Div 1 and Ladies  Div 1 and 2 - Week Commencing 18 Apr 20

Open Div 2 and 3 - Week commencing 2 May 20

Please remember that the highest placed team will be away first and at home for the second leg. 4 v 1 and 3 v 2.

Playoff Finals at the AGSC on Sun 17 May 20

Fixtures Live -  Please can i ask that you send the score into the fixtures manager if you do not use the fixtures live service, this helps to keep the leagues up to date. Fixtures live messaging is set up for both teams to send in the result and is a service that the league pays for.  So please endeavour to use it. 

Handbook - Ver 8 Mar 2020 has been released (link) please ensure that you keep your teams secretaries information up to date and make it easy for teams to contact you regarding fixtures.

Cup Finals Reports Update - For  the latest cup update and pictures from the day click here


As we approach mid-season in Wessex Basketball, a quick update of things you need to take note of….. 

Teams: As we have pointed out on numerous occasions, you must have at least one qualified table official for all you home games, and unless that table official requires a sign off for timekeeping, they must be the scorer. We have already overturned one result this season because issues with the scoresheet (and another is currently being considered).

Referees:  If a player/coach does not have a licence number inscribed on the scoresheet they are not permitted to participate in the game until a licence number is produced. This includes participating in the warm up, sitting on the team bench. Allowing an unlicensed person to participate has serious implications, including invalidating your insurance. If you allow this to happen then action will be taken. This has already happened this season and action was taken against the referees involved.

Referees (specifically Crew Chief): You must check the scoresheet before you sign it as it is the official record of the game, and if you sign for an incorrect score it cannot be corrected.

Teams & Referees: If you wish to raise an issue regarding a game, please send it to the correct contact person.

For Open Division games this should be to OpenResults at

For Ladies games this should be to LadiesResults at

For Cup/Plate games this should be to Cup at

If you wish to raise a concern about referees, please send to TechSec at

(replace the at with the @ sign) 

Teams: If you need to re-arrange a fixture, please in the first instance contact the Fixtures Manager, with the reason for the re-arrangement. Please note, as all the fixtures were sent out to teams prior to official publication, there should be no need to re-arrange fixtures. However, things happen, leaking roof, broken ring etc. Not having your strongest team available is not a valid reason for re-arranging a fixture.

Fixture re-arrangement requests should be sent to Fixtures at

Referees: Disciplinary reports should be sent to the appropriate competition manager, and cc’d to the League Chairman LeagueChair at

If you cannot fulfil a fixture you have been appointed to, please inform the Officials Manager. If you have to pull out of a fixture at less than 24hrs notice, please try to find an alternative yourself, but keep the Officials Manager informed (as they may also be able to find a replacement). In other circumstances, please do not arrange your own replacement, as the first to reply may not always be the most appropriate replacement for that particular game.

If you are sending in a report about a game, whether it be a general concern, or a disciplinary issue, please send it to the correct person as detailed above. Do not send it to Tim Brown as the Area Chair. This is for several reasons, 1) it fills up his inbox, 2)it delays the report getting to the right person and 3)it could compromise any appeals as Tim chairs any appeals that are raised against initial decisions. 

Finally, for EVERYONE (players, coaches, referees, table officials, administrators, team followers)

The Wessex Area Basketball Association is the governing body for basketball in this area. However, we are still bound by the rules and regulations of the National Governing Body, Basketball England.

We have received reports of inappropriate behaviour, including racial abuse. Whilst we are unable on this occasion to take any action due to a lack of evidence, please be aware that anyone who participates in Wessex Basketball does so under the ultimate jurisdiction of Basketball England, and therefore everyone is bound by Basketball England’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, which can be accessed at

 Wessex Basketball Association hope you all have a good break, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


The teams for the Richard Bell Plate have now been confirmed 6 teams will contest the competition with Farnborough Phantoms Academy and Camberley Goldhawks getting a bye into the semi Finals.  Two matches will take Place the first sees Aztec Suns take on Farnborough Phantoms and then Woking Blackhawk Ladies against Swindon Shock. Fixtures live has been updated.


The first stage of this competition will be conducted in two geographical leagues, East and North and will consist of the following teams:

  • East - Tandridge Stealers, Sutton Storm, London Acers, Aztec Storm and Woking Blackhawks.
  • North - Abingdon Jets, Witney Ladies, Aldworth Arrows and Army Warriors.
Teams will play each other once and teams from the same local league do not need to play their fixture unless they want to as the result from their first league fixture will count as the result. Each round of games have been given a deadline to be played by with the exception of the Army Warriors due to the spread of their players. The competition will be played up to Christmas with a view to continuing it if it proves sucessful.
Rules all players must be Basketball England registered and play regularly for their club. the home team is requested to arrange referees for the fixture, the cost of officials shall be shared equally between teams.


To be played by 31 October

WRN1 Army v Jet
WRN2 Witney v Arrows
WRE1 Aztecs v Tandridge
WRE2 Sutton v London Acers 

To be played by 30 November 

WRN3 Witney v Army
WRN4 Jet v Arrows
WRE3 Woking v Sutton
WRE4 Tandridge v London Acers 

To be played by 31 December

WRN5 Army v Arrows
WRN6 Jet v Witney
WRE5 London Acers v Woking
WRE6 Sutton v Aztecs
WRE7 Woking v Tandridge

To be played by 31 January

WRE8 Tandridge v Sutton
WRE9 London Acers v Aztecs
WRE10 Aztecs v Woking

Home team secretaries must send the result of the game and a photograph of the scoresheet to the Ladies Wessex Divisions Manager email address can be found on our contacts page. The organiser of this tournament is Pete Dimond.


Wessex Basketball Association for men, ladies, women, juniors, boys, girls in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire.