Wessex Basketball League Regulations

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(a) The League fee is £90 per team entered. This should be sent, together with a completed Wessex League/ Cup Entry Form, to committee@wessexbasketball.co.uk by 31st July. Failure to submit these by this date will make the team(s) liable to either a fine or exclusion from the league, at the discretion of the Wessex Basketball League Committee. Cheque's should be made payable to 'Wessex Basketball'.
(b) Entries for subsequent seasons will not be accepted until outstanding fines have been paid.
(c) The League fee will be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.


(a) The registration of clubs, players and officials with Basketball England must be completed using the Basketball England Membership portal https://membership.basketballengland.co.uk/
(b) To participate in any Wessex Basketball Association Competition:

  • A club must register and have paid the appropriate Club Membership fee for the current season
  • An official, coach or player must be a member of Basketball England, having completed the membership sign up, paid the appropriate membership fee for the current season and been issued with a membership registration number
  • An official, coach or player must have purchased the appropriate licence having completed the appropriate Licence Eligibility requirements

(c) The players current valid Basketball England player licence number must be recorded on the score sheet, next to the name of the player. Failure to do so will result in a fine (See Rule 6(e)).


(a) A player may not play for more than one League club in one season, unless the written permission of the Executive Committee is obtained.
(b) When a club has more than one team in the Wessex Basketball League, it shall at registration nominate five players for each team, except its lowest side if the latter is in a lower division than the other teams. The nominated players may only play for the team for which they were nominated, or a team in a higher division. Please also refer to rule 3(c) and the Nominated Player Guidelines.
(c) Open Divisions only: where a club has more than one team competing in the same division, no player may play for more than one of the teams. Women’s Divisions only: Where a club has more than one team competing in the same division, non-nominated players may play for up to two of these teams.
(d) The League comprises both open and women’s' divisions. Male players may not play for a team in a women's division.
(e) No Basketball League Limited (BBL) licensed player may play for any team without prior written approval of the Wessex Basketball League Committee. No National League (BEL) licensed player may play in any division other than the 1st division (open or women’s) without the prior written approval of the Wessex Basketball League Committee. Players who are currently registered at Senior National League level must be listed as a Nominated player. This regulation does not apply to Junior or Cadet National League players who play only in Junior or Cadet National League.
(f) Any club playing an unregistered player under an assumed name will be dealt with under Rule 9 (Emergency Powers).
(g) Where a club has multiple teams, players may only play for a maximum of two of its teams during a season.
(h) When playing for two teams, players may only play for teams in adjacent divisions, unless the club does not have a team in an adjacent division. For example: If player A plays for a team in Open Division 2, he is then eligible to play for a team in Open Division 3 or Open Division 1, but not both. If Player A plays for a team in Open Division 1, he is eligible to play for a team in Open Division 2, but not in Open Division 3 unless the club does not have a team in Open Division 2.
(i) Any club playing an ineligible player will be liable to forfeiture of any match involving ineligible players and/or may be fined. For the avoidance of doubt an ineligible player is, for the purposes of these provisions, any player whose participation in a game causes a breach of any of paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g) or (h) above, or Rule 2(c).

The Nominated Player rules (see 3(b), (c), (g) and (h)) are designed to allow flexibility within clubs, to ensure teams have sufficient players available especially if they are short of players (whether due to numbers, injury, work etc.)

They are not designed to give strong/top players “carte blanche” to play at every level. So to provide some clarity, the following points should be considered. The nominated player rules are designed: -

  • To provide flexibility to clubs who are endeavouring to successfully run multiple ladies’ teams or Open Division teams from a small pool of players
  • To reduce "ring-fencing" in relationships within a club, by enabling some players to play with the opposite squad from time to time.
  • to give opportunities to aspiring players to play more basketball by supporting more than one team in the same club, particularly where individuals cannot command a regular team spot, or where a squad is short of core players through absence or injury and needs to call up support from another team within the club.

It is not designed to enable National League standard or other recognised top performers (in the judgment of the Wessex Basketball League Committee) to play more basketball. This is about enabling other players to play more basketball.
However, whilst these are Guidelines, the Wessex Basketball League Committee will liaise with any club deemed to be contravening the spirit of these guidelines. The club will be asked to re-consider their team selections (specifying the player(s) concerned). Should the club continue to contravene the spirit of these guidelines, then the Wessex Basketball League Committee reserves the right to declare such player(s) “ineligible” for a particular team and invoke League Rule 3(i).


(a) The League fixture lists must be adhered to as closely as possible, thus allowing both clubs and officials to accept the fixtures as published, without the need for further contact.
(b) If a team wishes to request a postponement, the reason for the postponement must be specified when seeking the postponement.
(c) Any team cancelling a fixture without the prior approval of the Fixtures Secretary (in conjunction with the Wessex Basketball League Committee) will automatically forfeit the fixture with a 20-nil score line to the opposition. The Wessex Basketball League Committee may also fine the team who fail to complete the fixture if costs have been incurred by the other team.
(d) If permission is granted for a fixture to be re-arranged, the team who requested the postponement will be responsible for notifying the Fixtures Secretary of the new date, with the agreement of the opposition, within 14 days of the original date of the fixture.
(e) In the event of a fixture being postponed, re-arranged or forfeited, the team responsible must notify their opponents and officials. The team responsible for the cancellation of the fixture will be liable if any costs are incurred by late notification or failure to do so.
(f) In the event of a fixture being awarded 20 nil the team claiming the game will be responsible for sending a 20-nil score sheet to the Results Secretary giving details on the back.
(g) If a team fails to appear on court within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time without contacting the opposition and gaining agreement, the match may be awarded to the opposition 20 nil. The same rule given in 4(e) applies to the score sheet, which should be signed by the match officials. The team failing to appear in time will still be liable for part payment of officials and may be subject to a fine.
(h) The Wessex Basketball League Committee shall reserve the right to administer fines in the event of games not being played in accordance with the rules outlined in paragraphs 4(b) to 4(f), or in the event of games being conceded where the League Committee are not satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to do so.
(i) The above rules apply to all Wessex Basketball League and Knock-Out Competition fixtures.
(j) For teams that enter the Wessex League and/or Cup competitions in addition to entering competitions in another Area, e.g.: Solent. Priority must be given to games played under the jurisdiction of the Wessex Area. If a game is postponed in favour of a game in another Area competition, then that game will be forfeited with a 20 – 0 score to the opposition.


(a) The Executive Committee will publish a list of officials within the area.
(b) The Officials Secretary shall appoint two officials to each match, in all divisions, from this pool of referees. Appointments will be made from the pool on a geographical basis as far as possible.
(c) In the home matches for teams registered outside the Wessex area, the home team is responsible for providing two qualified referees. The away team may take one appointed official, provided that the home club is given 14 days’ notice. The travelling expenses for the away team's referee will be covered by the away team.
(d) Each club registered within the Wessex Area will be responsible for nominating one official per team to the pool of referees. Any Club failing to nominate a qualified referee for each Team entered will be required to pay an additional fee of £100.00 for the first team that does not have a nominated referee, rising to £125.00 for a second team without a nominated referee, and £25.00 extra for each additional team without a nominated referee. Half of this fee will be refunded if the Team nominates a referee to the League list during the season.
(e) Clubs in their first year with the League, junior clubs, and teams with a representative on the Executive or Wessex Basketball League Committees are exempt from Rule 5(d).
(f) Teams that do not provide a nominated referee must supply a candidate to attend a referee’s course prior to or during the season. If a team's candidate fails to attend the course, the team will be fined £60 in the first season. In subsequent seasons the fine will rise to £100.
(g) Referees nominated by a Team that plays their home games on a Sunday must be available to referee on Sunday's. If a referee plays or coaches a particular team, then he/she would not be allocated games when his/her team is playing. Any team that plays on a Sunday is not permitted to have a National League Referee as their nominated official, unless that referee agrees, in writing, to ensure his/her availability on a Sunday is guaranteed for fixtures allocated by Wessex. If a team has a team member on the Committee this will not negate the requirement to provide a Referee who is able to officiate on Sunday. 
(h) Referees nominated by a team must officiate a minimum of 18 games. Failure to do so may result in that team being fined in accordance with the fees outlined in Rule 5(d).
(i) Recommended fees for the remuneration of match officials, plus travelling expenses, shall be in line with BE's recommended rates.
(j) Refereeing costs are to be shared equally by both teams. The home team will be responsible for paying both officials before the game, and will then recover half the total cost from the away team. Referee's shall submit the Wessex expense form to the home team, detailing actual expenses incurred. The home team shall have the right to withhold payment if it is not provided.
The default method of payment will be by cash. BACS transfer or other digital methods may be used if agreed by the home team and officials prior to the game.
All officials are responsible for paying their own taxes and National Insurance and must comply with HMRC regulations.
(k) In the event of only one match official being available, the official shall receive a double match fee, plus travelling expenses.
(l) In the event of referees, without prior notice, travelling to a game which has been cancelled or postponed, or where one team fails to appear, compensation equal to the match fee and the travelling expenses shall be paid. The Wessex Basketball League Committee shall decide how these costs are recovered.
(m) Each team may submit a report to the Wessex Basketball League Committee on the performance of match officials. The report shall be sent to the Results Secretary.
(n) In the case of a Disqualifying Foul, a brief comment shall be made on the reverse of the score sheet indicating that a report is to follow. Both officials must then complete a Disciplinary Report Form and send this to both the League Administrator and the Results Secretary within 48 hours.
(o) All Wessex League and Cup Fixtures must have at least one qualified Table Official provided by the home team. The qualified Table Official must do the score book unless they are required to do the clock to complete their assessment. All Table Officials regardless of qualification must be registered for the current season. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a £10 fine per match.
(p) All teams must provide the Table Officials with a paper typed or handwritten team list that includes players and coaches’ names, Basketball England registration numbers and shirt numbers a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the scheduled tip off time for all games. This list should be in shirt number order. When a team does not comply with this rule, officials may annotate the back of the scoresheet the non-compliance for review by the league manager.  The League, after initial warning to the team, may impose a £2 fine for a further reported non-compliance. Fines of £4, £8 & £10 (maximum) may be imposed for subsequent reported incidences of non-compliance.

Note- The BE Registration system provides for the printing of team sheets of BE registration cards. It is anticipated that in future seasons the presentation of the BE team sheets will be required to assist in confirmation of players registration.


The home team is responsible for:

  •  Notifying the match result to the results secretary within 24 hours of the fixture being played. Such notification should be by email or texted to the Results Secretary or, when available, texting direct to Fixtures Live or other online system.
  •  Within seven days of the fixture sending the organisers white copy of the score sheet to the Results Secretary (date as postmarked) or alternatively emailing a good quality coloured scan to the Results Secretary. When a scan is submitted the home team must retain the white copy of the score sheet (until after the seasons AGM) and submit them to the results secretary if requested.

(a) Where no claims, or notification that the fixture is to be played on another date, have been received, and where no score sheet is received within the specified time, the fixture will be considered void until such time as either side contacts the Results Secretary.
(b) If the home team fails to notify the match result or to send the score sheet within 7 days to the results secretary, that team will be fined £2. Any subsequent failure to submit a score sheet within the required 7 days will result in an additional fine; double that of the previous fine. This fine scheme will continue up to £8. Thereafter, all fines shall be £10. If a home team fails to send the scoresheet to the results secretary by the end of the season, which will normally be the date of the Playoff Finals, an additional £10 fine will be applied. 
(c) When a team forfeits a match, it shall be treated as if the match had been played and the team lost by a score of 0-20.
(d) Failure to complete score sheets correctly may result in the result being ineligible for inclusion in the League tables. In particular, missing match numbers and incorrect vest numbers may result in score sheets being returned to teams for correction. In extreme cases, the Committee may fine the club(s) concerned.
(e) Any team failing to insert registration numbers for all players, coaches, referees and table officials on the score sheet will be fined. The fine will be £2 per missing registration number, up to a maximum of £10 per score sheet.
(f) Any team failing to complete their schedule or failing to inform the Results Secretary of all their games played may be fined at the discretion of the Committee for each un-played/unreported game.


(a) The order of teams in the table shall be in descending order of points gained, with two points being awarded for a win, one point for a loss and nil points for a forfeited match.
(b) In the event of a tie in league points at the end of the season, this shall be resolved as follows:

  •  A table will be compiled taking account only of the matches played between teams involved in the tie. The teams are then placed in accordance with league points gained in this table.
  •  In the event of further equality, the difference between the actual points scored and points conceded in these matches will be taken into account.
  •  In the event of further equality, the difference between the actual points scored and points conceded in all matches in the division is taken into account.
  •  If any matches concerned in the calculations have been subject to a forfeit, the Wessex Basketball League Committee may make special arrangements to compensate, if it so decides.
  •  If a tie is partially resolved by the application of some or all of these regulations, the regulations are then re-applied from i.e. on the remaining part of the tie.

(c) The teams at the top of their respective divisions at the end of the season will be presented with the division cups, which they may hold for one year. The players in those teams will receive mementos.
(d) Promotion and relegation from division to division, from season to season, will take place on a two-up and two-down basis for the Open Divisions and one up one down for the Ladies Divisions, subject to approval by League Committee.
(e) Any team failing to fulfil 50% of its fixtures will have all its results expunged and will automatically forfeit its surety fee.


(a) The Wessex Basketball League Play Offs are an extension of the regular league season, and therefore, unless otherwise stated, the Wessex League Regulations continue to apply.
(b) The top four teams in each division, at the cut-off date, will contest the play offs.
(c) The cut-off date will be determined by the Wessex League Committee prior to the start of the season. The cut-off date will be dependent on league structure and fixtures.
(d) The team in first place in the division (at the cut-off date) will play the team in fourth place in the division (at the cut-off date).
(e) The team in second place in the division (at the cut-off date) will play the team in third place in the division (at the cut-off date).
(f) The semi-finals will be played over two legs, with total aggregate score determining the winner.
(g) If a team forfeits/concedes either leg of the semi-final, it shall be deemed to have lost the semi-final tie, irrespective of the score in the other leg.
(h) The lower placed team will play the first leg of the semi-final at home.
(i) The final will be played at a neutral venue, as determined by the Wessex League Committee.
(j) Referees will be appointed to all Play Off fixtures by the Wessex League (as per regular season).
(k) Referees expenses for the semi-finals will be paid as per Wessex League Regulations.
(l) Referees expenses for the finals will be paid by the Wessex League.
(m) Player eligibility is as per Wessex League Regulations, and in addition;
(n) To be eligible to play for a team in the play offs a player must have played a minimum of 25% of the league games for that specific team.
(o) Each winning team will receive a Play Off Trophy, which they are entitled to hold for one year.


(a) All matches shall be played under the rules as specified in the current edition of the Basketball England Rule Handbook.


(a) Subject to the maximum fine stated in Rule 12(a), the Executive Committee may take such action it considers necessary where the conduct of a club is prejudicial to the efficient running of the Wessex Basketball League. For the avoidance of doubt such action shall include but not be limited to imposing fines, forfeiting matches, suspending players, suspending clubs, banning players and ejecting teams and/or clubs from the Wessex Basketball League.


(a) The Association can accept no responsibility for any loss or injury sustained in connection with Wessex Basketball League or knock-out competition matches.


(a) In all divisions the home team is responsible for providing a scorer, a time keeper, an official Basketball England score pad, a game clock visible to everyone, a time-out watch, a visible running score indicator, two sounding devices, foul markers and two red 'team-foul' markers. The visitors have the right to provide one table official other than the scorer if they so wish.
(b) In all First divisions, teams shall play their home games on courts complying with the dimensional requirements specified in the current Basketball England Rules Handbook.
(c) The League will permit clubs to use venues, which have either small courts (usually using obstructions for out of bounds) or inadequate changing facilities. However, visiting teams will have the right to refuse to play at such facilities, provided 28 days’ notice is given to the home team. The away team will be responsible for re-arranging the fixture at either their own or a neutral venue and for bearing the cost of court hire.


(a) The Wessex Basketball League Committee are empowered to impose fines up to a maximum of £100 per offence.
(b) In the event of a referee failing to fulfil a commitment, the referee (or club) concerned may be fined. In the event of a referee (or club) defaulting on three occasions in one season, the Wessex Basketball League Committee may take further action, after consultation, which could result in the disqualification of the club or referee and in the club responsible forfeiting its surety fee.
(c) The Committee may at its discretion order that a club responsible for a fineable offence pay up to £20 as compensation to an injured club involved in unavoidable expense as a result of the fineable offence.
(d) A fine of up to £50 may be imposed in respect of failure to provide an effective table at matches, £10 per initial offence increasing by £10 for each subsequent offence to a maximum of £50. This failure should be notified on the score sheet or by letter to the Results Secretary within 48 hours of the match. The Results Secretary shall be empowered to adjudicate in such a situation.


(a) Each club is required to pay a surety fee of £10 to the Wessex Basketball League registration.
(b) The surety is returnable at the end of the season, subject to all dues, including fines, having been paid.
(c) Failure to pay the surety by the required date may result in immediate deletion from the League.
(d) Failure to be represented at the AGM will result in a club forfeiting its surety fee.
(e) The Wessex Basketball League Committee shall have the right to retain all, or part of, the surety.


(a) All disciplinary matters shall be dealt with according to Wessex Area Disciplinary Procedure
See also Disciplinary Procedure


(a) It is a requirement of the Wessex League that all players are properly dressed. Each team is required to play in regulation playing kit, with properly numbered shirts. For clarification:

  • Teams are required to wear matching uniforms.
  • All players shall wear their playing shirts tucked into their shorts.
  • Playing numbers 0, 00 and 1 to 99 will be permitted.
  • Teams may not have both 0 and 00.
  • If a player is wearing 0 or 00, this must be a correctly numbered top (not just a blank top).
  • No duplicate numbers will be permitted.

(b) In the event of a known colour clash, the Away Team shall change to colours that provide a suitable contrast to those worn by the Home Team. Should a colour clash become evident at the venue, the Home Team shall change to a colour providing a suitable contrast to that of the Away Team.
(c) Referees are expected to wear Wessex official shirts and suitable black trousers.
(e) Where there is a deviation from these dress regulations it should be reported to the Wessex League committee.


  • The Wessex Basketball Association recognises that at basketball games coaches, supporters and others may reasonably wish to take photographs or video record aspects of the event. Equally, there are players who do not wish to be photographed or recorded. The purpose of this rule and recommendations is to provide guidance to clubs on how to manage these situations.
  • If the images might feature and clearly identify individuals under 18 (e.g. close ups, small group and team photos) then the camera registration form must be completed and signed consent must be obtained from a parent if in attendance. In the absence of a parent then this consent should come from the individual and team coach or another senior team official. We recommend the club should retain the signed form until the end of season in case any issues should arise.
  • Any teams with junior players who are likely to have any objections to recording involving their players should make their opponents aware in advance.
  • If the event involves adults only then the authority to stop someone from recording is with the owner of the property on which the event is taking place – i.e. whoever owns the sports hall. The default position then is that unless a club owns its venue or has gained agreement from the venue owner it has no power to prevent people from recording basketball events if no juniors are involved.
  • f a club does have concerns about any recording and wishes to be able to control or prevent it, it needs to get the agreement of the venue owner. We recommend either this is obtained in writing or someone from the venue is available to enforce it at the event. The host club should then make the opposition and the relevant results secretary aware of the intention to restrict any recording. 
  • In the event of a disciplinary issue arising during a game that is recorded then the host club is responsible for making this recording available to the Wessex disciplinary committee if requested to do so.
  • Electronic storage of images should be restricted to devices where access is limited to individuals or hosting organisations – e.g. basketball club websites or club restricted Facebook pages. Images may not be posted on public sites with unrestricted access.

Further Information

For more detailed information on this subject please refer to the Basketball England Photographic Guidance policy available at